• October 23, 2021

Udaipur, 26 April 2020: Narayan Seva Sansthan, a charitable organization that runs charitable hospitals across the country, especially for those who are born with disabilities and polio patients, today announced that it has paid salary in advance to 700 of its employees who are working from home, amidst the lockdown. The organisation also educated its employees about social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID 19, under the guidance of a senior medical professional.

After the nationwide lockdown was declared by the PM, 22nd March onward, NSS has safely sent home 1200 of its patients who had come to the Udaipur hospital for medical and other health related assistance. A team of senior health officials also laid out guidelines for providing further ongoing treatment to patients suffering from cerebral palsy, polio and prostheses.

NSS is offering all its services via a call centre that is connected to the concerned health departments for patients and donors. It has also formed a team of 50 people, titled ‘Corona Relief Force’ which takes care of distribution of food and essentials amongst the needy, manufactures safety masks and takes care of orphans and destitute residing in the city.

Prashant Agarwal, President, Narayan Seva Sansthan commented, “Our strategy was to defeat COVID – 19 in 4 clear-cut stages. The first was to send 1200 patients home safely, the second was to secure 700 employees’ salaries, the third, by distributing food and protective masks among the needy and the underprivileged, via local government officials and lastly, providing free health assistance to all those who are in need. Our battle against COVID is still on and we will take necessary measures as and when the situation demands.”

The NGO has also installed a thermal check-up machine in the city which checks the body temperature of each person. In the fight against Corona, Kalpana, who hails from Narsinghpur in Madhya Pradesh, gave birth to immature twins at a hospital in Udaipur.  NSS paid 1.80 lakh to the hospital in lieu of her medical expenses and saved her daughter, Durga’s life.

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