National Geographic India’s upcoming documentary ‘Go.ev’ brings forth Tata Motors’ efforts of accelerating the EV Revolution in India


New Delhi, April 07, 2023.

National Geographic in India is all set to bring forth the incredible journey of Tata Motors, an Indian automotive manufacturing company, giving its viewers a glimpse into the company’s inspiring journey of introducing EVs in India. Premiering on April 09, 2023, at 7.00 PM on National Geographic Channel, the film titled ‘Go.ev’delves deeper into the mission of the organization, overcoming the perception driven challenges that come with the EV technology.

By identifying the uncertainties that exist within the community in purchasing an EV, the film showcases Tata Motors’ approach in addressing these concerns that havehelped accelerate the growth of the EV sector. This film brings to light the tremendous effort of the designers and engineers at Tata Motors in building impact ful solutions around cost, range, charging infrastructure and range anxiety. It also touches upon the company’s expansion plans of launching 10 EV models in the market by 2025,helping ensure health & wellness is at the core of the future of mobility.

“At National Geographic, we strive to bring forth stories that provide in-depth understanding to satiate the curious minds of our viewers. This documentary is yet another attempt to further enhance the knowledge of our audience around the evolution of EVs through the lens of Tata Motors and follow the company’s journey to bring about a positive change in the automobile sector,” said National Geographic India Spokesperson

“At Tata Motors, we are committed to building a sustainable future through the adoption of electric vehicles in India. We are quite elated to have again collaborated with a credible and environment conscious brand like National Geographic who with its innovative and inspiring storytelling has helped us spread and share our vision of revolutionizing the EV segment in India,” said Tata Motors Spokesperson