New Delhi, March 22, 2022.

Neha & Angad are not the typical Bollywood celebrity couple and their home reflects their casual camaraderie. As Neha who has the gift of gab puts it, “every house should have a story to tell. And with this house if you were to knock every wall you will find at least one story and one skeleton”. The vivacious actress and her charming actor husband take us on a tour of their family home in the sixth and final episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 5.

A minimalistic yet captivating home with shades of white but inhabited by colourful people. Neha and Angad’s Mumbai apartment displays several corners which welcomes sunlight and is the perfect spot for soaking in some vitamin D while watching the world go by.The pristine interiors and contemporary artwork have been carefully curated by the couple over the years across their many travels around the world. Their living room has a large window with a day bed to the side where Angad jokingly claims he likes to lie down and do nothing. He then proceeds to lounge on several such cozy corners in his living room with the same tongue-in-cheek humour. The colour palate of the house is largely white by design and the dining area also overlooks large windows much like the living room. Instead of the traditional set-up of chairs around a table, Dhupia’s off-beat eating spot presents a low white sofa placed against a high grey console.

Their toddler daughter Mehr and baby boy Guriq’snursery filled with wholesome decor and spaces full of heartwarming stories is one of the most soothing spaces in the house. Though the room flows the minimalism theme as the rest of the house, it includes playful elements like unicorns and rainbow colours that set it apart. A light grey couch next tothe baby’s cot is set against the large window with sheer white curtains.The giant Simba carpet adds yet another fun element to the whole room which is gender neutral and shared by the adorable siblings. 

While for Angad their home is a safe space that helps his energy settle from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives; for Neha the house is like a warm hug and a cocoon that nestles her family of four within its walls.