Nestlé India unveils “Utha MUNCH, Dikha Crunch” campaign

Jaipur, July 02, 2024.

In a world where criticism and doubt sometimesweigh down creativity and ambition, Nestlé MUNCHhas unveiled its “Utha MUNCH, DikhaCrunch” campaign,encouraging individuals to embrace their unique qualities and confidently pursue their passions.Each bite of MUNCH celebrates the “crunch,” symbolizing the inner strength and resilience within each person, reminding them of the delightful rewards that come from staying true to themselves and pursuing their dreams.

Commenting on the campaign, Rupali Rattan, Director, Confectionery Business, Nestlé India said,“Through this campaign, we want MUNCH to be an ally in crunching all the noise from the doubters and not letting anyone stop you from being your authentic self. We are hopeful that the crunch of MUNCH will emerge as a formidable force, emboldening the teens of today to rise above the noise and triumph against all odds.

Jaibeer Ahmad, Managing Partner, North VML, further added, “Through relatable narratives and seamless storytelling,set in the young and vibrant Indian towns, we have showcased how Munch’s crunch is a rallying cry for teenagers to embrace their individuality and keep moving forward with an unwavering winning attitude.”

The campaign includes a series ofdigital films released across North and South India.