Nestle launches AskNestle in Hindi

Jaipur, October, 2020.

To make information on child nutrition more accessible for parents, Nestlé India has announced the launch of AskNestlé.in Hindi. This intuitive mobile website provides real-time, personalized advice on nutrition that is balanced, relevant, and scientifically driven. The portal will equip parents with children above two years and up to the age of 12 years, to make informed decisions about food choices and nutrition. 

AskNestlé.in will share information on child nutrition at a time when seeking in-person expert advice is constrained. AskNestlé.in will offer over 2,500 healthy recipes to cook fun and healthy meals for children in Hindi, that help boost immunity and tackle the concerns with limited pantry items. The recommendations by the portal will be given based on the user’s age, their regional preferences and taking account of the necessary RDA requirements, with respect to major macro and micronutrients. 

Commenting on this new initiative, Mr. Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director, Nestlé India said, “As Indian consumers begin to seek more information in the “vernacular” and  use a familiar language,our endeavor as Nestlé, has been to positively impact their lives by being as relevant as possible. It was thus logical for AskNestlé.in, to move with the times and be resonant with the language of millions across India.  At a time when access to experts and credible information is getting more challenging, we hope that our initiative empowers parents with best nutrition knowledge, to make well-thought out nutrition and growth decisions for their child by accessing information in Hindi which is a familiar language for them!”  

AskNestlé.in will also have features like the ‘Growth Tracker’ to track how children are growing, ‘Custom Meal Plans’ personalized according to regional preferences and a ‘Food Diary’ to enter what the child has eaten through the day to generate a nutrition intake score.