London, 10 July, 2019: Dave Bautista says his Drax, the Destroyer from “Guardians of the Galaxy” maybe a funny character but he never viewed the role as one for comic relief.

The professional wrestler-turned-actor praised the writers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the development of the part.

“I know Drax is a funny character, but I never looked at him as a comedic character at all. I play him very straightforward. 

“I think it’s all in the writing. So I never play him broad. He’s very much a straight man, but at the same time, he’s very much a comedic role. He’s just incredibly salty and a little sarcastic, but in a funny way, I think,” Bautista told DigitalSpy. 

The actor, who will next be seen in action-comedy “Stuber”, said he wanted to go for a more layered role post “Avengers: Endgame”.

“I guess I was after a comedic role, because I wanted my career to be well-rounded. So actually, after seeing what we’ve done, I’m confident I made (the right) decision. I’m very proud of this one,” he said.

Talking about “Endgame”, Bautista said he was happy that Drax came back to life in the Marvel tent-pole.

“I wasn’t sure what my fate was going to be, and so I was happy to see myself come back from the dust. But I was more overwhelmed with how good that film is.

“I think it’s a quality film. It was quick a task that the Russos took, wrapping up two years of storytelling, and I think, as a fan because I’m a performer, but as a fan, it really deserves all the success it’s getting,” the actor said.

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