Jaipur, June 19, 2019: Microsoft today revealed findings from a report which has found that SMEs are spending nearly INR 93,500 per year to maintain a personal computer (PC) that is over four years old. The report evaluates costs for SMEs from repair, loss in productivity and security risks resulting from using older devices. This Tech Aisle report surveyed SMEs from across Jaipur and 20 other cities.The report also reveals that the cost of maintenance for a PC older than four years is enough to replace it with three or more modern PCs.

Rajasthan has over 26 lakh MSMEs, which have created employment opportunities for over 46 lakh people. MSMEs contribute significantly to local economic and social development andare increasingly looking at new technology for achieving faster growth.PCs have opened the gateway for improved productivity, higher efficiency, and better growthforSMEs. However, once a PC becomes older than four years, its usage cost, in terms of repair, maintenance and lost productivity, rises substantially, as illustrated below.

Farhana Haque, Group Director – Devices, Microsoft India states, “Digital technology is helping SMEs make their operations more efficient and connect with new customers. Microsoft, with its mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more, is constantly working towards helping SMEs use digital services to improve their growth.”

She further stated, “Microsoft is working with the PC manufacturers to introduce Windows 10 powered PCs that empower SMEs to address their key business needs, including increasing business productivity and having the employees use the latest technologies that seamlessly and securely supports the business applications they are using.”

Over 30% of the SMEs under the study were found to be using PCs that were older than four years. The study also found that SMEs hesitate in purchasing new PCs as they feel that the applications they are currently using might not work on an upgraded PC, and they don’t have funds for the purchase of new PCs. SME owners tend to focus often on short term costs, which in most cases is right, but at times it can lead to situations that cost more. Using PCs is one such area, as the cost of using older PCs requires more funds than purchasing new PCs.

The survey also found that SMEs who have embraced modern PCs have experienced better productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced security:

  • 66% of SMBs saw improved efficiency by adopting newer PCs that enabled them with new experiences powered by cloud and mobility solutions.
  • 63% of SMBs felt that they were able to better secure and protect their data on newer PCs.
  • 58% of SMBs found that adopting newer PCs reduced overall maintenance costs.
  • 41% of SMBs said that newer PCs made their employees more productive.

New PCs, with Windows 10 operating system, drive key business and IT functions for SMEs, such as the following:

  • Higher productivity: Windows 10 provides an intuitive user experience, with built-in tools and features that help people collaborate and work efficiently. New PCs enable 2.1x faster multi- tasking than a PC that is 4 years old, improving employee productivity.
  • Intelligent security: Using older PCs increases the chances of data breach. Windows 10 provides advanced security which proactively protects SMEs against hacks and cyber-attacks.
  • Simplified deployment: Windows 10 provides simplified IT deployment and updates, as well as control over update deployments. Furthermore, Windows 7 applications can be seamlessly moved to Windows 10.
  • Flexible management: Windows 10 provides seamless and better integration with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

In India, more than 61% of PCs used in SMEs are still using older versions of Windows, according to the report. Upgrading to a Windows 10 modern device offers experiences that are more safe, secure, productive and familiar.