Published On: Tue, Dec 29th, 2020

Niranjan Iyengar Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films aired on Zee Café

Mumbai, December 29, 2020.

Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, one of the biggest and most celebrated short films platforms in India, recently hosted some of the greatest minds from the world of films for an engaging conversation on the evolving world of cinema. Step into a world of cinematic brilliance where viewers can experience great cinema and a quality, we-time experience every Saturday which commenced from 19th December 2020, 8:30PM onwards on Zee Café.

Moderating the interesting segment in this week’s episode, Mandira Bedi set the right tone bringing together celebrated actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, popular face of Bollywood Niranjan Iyengar and Shivani Raghuvanshi to share their school of thought on progressive cinema through the ages.

Talking of the north-south bilingual divide of Indian cinema, Niranjan Iyengar says, “The straddling of the two worlds is not a new phenomenon because it’s been happening for years. Earlier, the super successful films would be remade in Hindi and other languages but now we see a gradual change where great movies are now being adapted.” Expressing his interest to explore making multi-lingual movies, he says, “Now is the right time to make such movies because now people have woken up to the consumption.”

Manoj Bajpayee made good use of his time this lockdown by getting to know the other side of cinema that some audiences are usually unaware of. He shared his professional opinion on the show saying, “I’m a huge fan of the South Indian film industry. All of us should make it a habit this lockdown to go and explore these new cinematic worlds and learn from them. The story telling, the performance and their approach is completely different from how we do it.”

On woman getting more impactful roles in the digital space, Shivani Raghuvanshi says, “Growing up, I have only seen male dominated films where the people would only go watch a film because of the hero. With OTT, you can be more creative and explore a lot and that is the reason women are getting a lot of opportunities.”

Niranjan Iyer remarked on the culture and kind of ethics that demarcates the South industry from the North saying, “Now, even the youngsters and professionals all across the country are uniformed in their basic work ethics. Discipline is always a big thing in the South, you cannot come late to the set no matter how big a hero you are whereas in the North, it was like the later you come the bigger hero you are.”

Talking about the sensitive side of being confined and stuck with abusive partners during the lockdown, star of ‘Raat Akeli Hai’ Shivani Raghuvanshi says, “Household abuse has always been there. It’s just that people have started talking about it right now.”

Films made in Bollywood find its way around the globe while South cinema is extremely selective about the kind of films that they create. Samantha shares her piece of mind on it saying, “Bollywood has the liberty to make films for a particular kind of audience. They don’t have to appeal to every single person but in the South, we have to make sure that we are catering to every single person in the theatre. It becomes very restrictive but now with OTT, it’s a lot bolder and we’re able to take more risks and hence the films that are coming out now are very global.”

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