Mumbai, 24 June, 2019: Actor Mukul Chadda is aware the Indian adaptation of the popular comedy series “The Office” has met with some apprehension by fans but says he isn’t worried. 

An official adaptation of the international series, “The Office” is a 13-episode mockumentary where typical office characters find themselves in atypical situations. 

Mukul features in the series as Jagdeep Chadda, boss of a paper company. The same character, named Michael Scott, was played to global fame by Steve Carell in the US version. 

When the trailer was launched, fans on social media expressed scepticism but Mukul doesn’t see it as criticism as no one has seen the show yet. 

“These comments on Twitter aren’t based on anyone who has watched the show. So I don’t take it seriously. I found some comments hilarious. At some basic level, this is coming from the space of deep love for the series.

“I get the apprehension, but I’m not daunted by it. I care what people say about the show once they see it. I can’t wait for the show to be out and for people to see it with an open mind,” Mukul told PTI. 

The actor said the makers have adapted the show skilfully to Indian context. 

“A friend of mine told me she took five years to forgive Steve Carell for what he did to the character of David Brent in UK’s ‘The Office’. So I do get the fandom. I’ve been a fan of shows as well and I know that feeling. But we have adapted the show very well here,” he said. 

Mukul, who has featured in films like “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu”, “I Me Aur Main”, went through three rounds of auditions spread over three-and-a-half months for the show. 

Through he hadn’t seen “The Office” before, he saw a couple of episodes to understand its tone which was impossible to grasp fully from a two-page audition sheet. 

“But the day I got the role I stopped watching it. I didn’t want to see it anymore because it can cloud your head. You can end up doing what he (Carell) has done and also, my biggest fear, that the ego of an actor would want to do the opposite of what he has done in trying to find something new.” 

The actor described Michael Scott and his Jagdeep Chadda as characters who have “childlike purity” and said much of the comedy lies in the awkwardness which follows every time they say something they shouldn’t have. 

“The gap between the impulsive reaction and the realisation that it is not to be done, the comedic moments are there. I had so much fun doing that. I can see differences between Michael Scott (US version) and David Brent (UK version). 

“But I didn’t approach my character thinking ‘this is what about Michael Scott I’ll retain, this is what I’ll change.’ For me, to judge how different Chadda is from Scott is impossible. I can’t have an objective view of the show now, let alone my character at this point,” he added. 

Backed by Applause Entertainment, the Hotstar Special will stream from June 28.

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