Noida, 30th Nov 2019: November has been declared as the lung cancer awareness month with an aim to raise the awareness of lung cancer among the public, educating people who are at a higher risk of lung cancer and raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking which is linked to about 80% of deaths of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer which has till now affected more than 2.09 million people worldwide. There are many organizations as well who are working in the direction of spreading awareness about lung cancer like LCFA (Lung Cancer Foundation of America) which was established by two lung cancer survivors and a lung cancer widow.

However, if people quit smoking at an early age and start a high consumption of fibre and yogurt in their daily routine, they can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 33%.

Due to unawareness, people come to us when they have already reached at an advanced stage, if the cancer is detected at an early stage the chances of getting it successfully treated increases by 5 times.Our daily lifestyle is also one of the reasons people getting prone to lung cancer, the air we intake has microscopic pollutants which easily slip past our body’s defences, penetrating deep into our respiratory and circulatory system, damaging our lungs, heart and brain, If we start creating awareness around ourselves and contribute in making people quit smoking, the numbers will get reduced significantly of people getting affected from lung cancer, Dr.Ashish Jaiswal, Senior Oncologist, Bhardwaj Hospital, Noida.

Today both men and women are addicted to smoking and reasons for their addiction varies from taking it as stress buster and some taking it as a push button of starting their day at work but we all should be aware that smoking cigarette increases the chance of lung cancer from 15 to 30 % ,adds Dr.Jaiswal.