Now book IndiGo flight tickets on WhatsApp

New Delhi, June 21, 2024.

Booking flights just got a lot more fun. IndiGo, India’s favorite airline, is shaking things up with the launch of their AI booking assistant, 6Eskai, on WhatsApp. Yes, you heard that right – now you can sort out your travel plans while chatting with friends. How cool is that? IndiGo’s 6Eskai is not just any assistant; it’s built on an AI platform by Riafy, a Google partner.

It is like a digital travel agent that can help you book tickets, check-in, generate boarding passes, check flight statuses, and even answer your random travel queries – all on WhatsApp. It’s like having a personal travel agent right in your pocket. And it speaks your language too – English, Hindi, and Tamil. To get started, just drop a WhatsApp message to +91 7065145858.

Powered by Google Cloud’s Large Language Models, 6Eskai will make travelling easier for frequent flyers.With some high-level prompt engineering, it can understand your emotions, throw in a bit of humor, and make your interactions enjoyable. This assistant doesn’t just get the job done, it does so with flair.