NSDC International is helping Indians fulfil their global job aspirations, 30 candidates to join DP World group companies


New Delhi, May 03 2023.

Positioning India as the preferred hub for providing skilled workforce globally, NSDC International continues to bring global job opportunities for resident Indians.

NSDC International aims to enhance the skill standardization, language proficiency, and vocational training of Indian talent to equip them for the estimated 3.6 million international workforce mobility (IWM) opportunities that will arise in the next five years. This will be achieved through strategic collaborations with foreign governments and partnering for dedicated training programs, thereby creating job opportunities for Indians in foreign countries.

After successfullyplacing more than 28,000skilled workersacross theglobe, NSDC International, a 100% subsidiary of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) organized a felicitation ceremony for a batch 30 candidates today to become a part of the opportunities that awaits Indian talent in distant shores.Belongingtovariouspartsofthecountry,thecandidateshavereceivedjoininglettersfordifferent jobrolesincludingpainter,generalhelper,pipefitter,spraypainter,andwelder.These candidateswillbe joining group companies of DP World.

In the coming five years, the International Workforce Mobility (IWM) market opportunity for India is estimated to be 3.6 million. With this, NSDC is working towards improving avenues for skill harmonization, language, and vocational training along with creating a larger pipeline of employable talent. To ensure that right talent is chosen to meet the skill demand of global economies, a strict selection process has been undertaken by the employer involving multiple rounds of interviews, tests including Englishlanguage competence and trade testing.

Ontheoccasion,Mr.VedManiTiwari,CEO,NSDC,andMD,NSDCInternational,said,“Iamproudthat today we have the platform and the partnerships to extend aspirational employment opportunities and entrepreneurship path ways to young, talented minds. Congratulations to the 30 candidates who passed our rigorous selection process andare now broadening their horizons and are embarking on their journey to join DP World group companies. We area nation of high caliber,and this achievement is a testament to that .It has the potential t of ill the skill gaping global economies. At NSDC International, wetakeprideinfacilitatingjobopportunitiesforskilledindividualsworldwide,and our goal remains making India the Skill Hub of the World.”


Shubhransh Srivastav, Director Corporate Affairs, DP World SCOpresent in the felicitation said “This initiative is part of DP World’s continuous commitment to contribute to the development of people in the communities it operates in. This joint effort of NSDC and DP World in curating a vibrant yet transparent placement programme for candidates of Skill India International Centres from India to the United Arab Emirates premised on fully paid training with zero cost to candidates has seen positive traction. This felicitation ceremony for candidates embarking to the UAE is ample testimony to the success of the programme and of the future employment prospects that this initiative presentsto the skilled youth of the country.”


Tounderstandtheemploymentpotentialoverseasastudyof16highpotentialcountries–SaudiArabia, UAE, USA, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Australia, Germany,Japan, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden,andRomaniawhichformthecountriesthatseesubstantialmigrationfromIndiawasconducted byNSDCI.Afiveyearlypotentialofaround39lakhIndianworkforcehasbeenidentified.Andbasedon thestudythefollowing10sectorshavebeenidentifiedashighprioritysector-Construction,Healthcare- Personal Care & Social Care, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Energy (Oil & Gas & Renewables), Education(Teachers), Shippingand Logistics, IT & Digital, Retail including Bike riders, Manufacturing and Media and Entertainment.


ThroughNSDCInternational,activeengagementsareongoinginglobalmarketstoacceleratetheskills ofthefuture.BenchmarkingofskillqualificationsinGCCcountriesthrough government-to-government (G2G)andbusiness-to-business(B2B)workforcemobilitycollaborationsareenablingseveralsuccessful pathways for India’s youthandprogress has also beenmadeindeveloping partnerships withseveral other countries.Tomakesurethattheyouthtakefulladvantageofthisworldofopportunities,creatinga future-readyworkforceisimperativeasitholdsthekeytoaneconomicallyconnectedworld.Atthis juncture, reimagining the current approach, strong partnerships and skill development initiatives concentratedoninternationalmobilitywillprepareIndia’syouthforthefutureof workandrevitalizethe worldeconomy.