Jaipur, April, 2021.

On My Own Technology (OMOTEC), a dynamic innovation and research centre that brings STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) learning to children, has organised a hands-on workshop on Robotics for students between April 19, 2021 and April 28, 2021.

The 10-day robotics summer workshop, which will be conducted online, is designed in such a way that it combines fun with the opportunity for kids and teens to build and engineer robots while learning automation, artificial intelligence, visual coding, and machine learning alongwith its application.

This workshop will also have students solve competitive challenges where kids and teens can task their robots with specific actions. 

Technology is consistently changing the way we do things today. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics are playing a crucial role in this. Most of the schools worldwide have already included robotics in their curriculum. This summer workshop is an attempt to give an opportunity to students to get hands-on experience in robotics in a fun-learning way,” OMOTEC Founder Mr Shekhar Jain said.

These Robotics workshops, will allow students to create an app-enabled as well as controlled robots. It will also enable them to create autonomous robots that act on their own.

There are innumerable opportunities in Robotics workshop with OMOTEC where students explore the opportunity to build and code online with live instructors, create and automate circuits with Arduino, build your own bots, and see how various mechanical and electronic construction create movement with loads of fun learning,” Mr Jain added.

During the workshops, students will also get to learn how to create Robots that pick up objects and understand how Robots conduct specific tasks of navigating a maze, navigating an obstacle course or sorting through colour coded lines.

Why Robotics?

Everything from cars and smartphones to thermostats and gaming consoles are tied to robotics and mechanical engineering. Whether kids dream of becoming a Hardware Designer at Apple or an Aerospace Technician at NASA, robotics camp teaches the skills required to make it a reality.

Autonomous robot, self-driving car and delivery bots are terms used to describe robots that use sensors to enable actions with little or no human interaction. Robotics offers a number of benefits like problem solving and computational thinking skills

Moreover, the most important benefit of Robotics is it’s a gateway to coding and STEM subjects where students learn applied knowledge of Science and Math. 

Relevance of Robotics Summer Workshop

Typically, summer vacation is the time when children look forward to play, enjoy with their friends, cousins, going to places and making memories of fun and laughter. But due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, parents are already worried about allowing their kids to go out. Also, due to the restrictions imposed, students have been practically locked in their homes since last one year with very limited opportunities to learn new things that will not only enhance their capabilities but also make them future ready in AI. The idea behind organising this camp during summer was that since this period is of transition for kids from lower grade to higher grade and parents are also eager to expose their children to new skills which will complement their overall growth in the next academic year, even students will get a hands-on experience in a difficult subject like robotics in a fun learning environment.  

What Will Students Learn?

  • Building new interests and independent thinking.
  • Making, experimenting and creating robots
  • Students can build and code online with instructors
  • Executing real practical projects at home with live instructions.
  • Create and automate circuits with Arduino

The fees for the 10 day workshop would be Rs.8999 inclusive of OMO TOOLS Robotic Kit that will be delivered at your door step.