Osim introduces “uStiletto’s” for healthy and beautiful legs. It has an auto massage programmes which allows women to wear her favourite stiletto in comfort. This massager has a personalised message experience and techniques which helps you to pamper your legs daily. “uStiletto’s” has a unique adjustable intensity and customizable rollers speed which adjust the speed according to our preferences.

Strong reflexology massage helps to improve the metabolism and improves the circulation to achieve the healthier and beautiful legs that you have always desire. The exotic massager comes with the airbags that are positioned in such a manner that they can massage your ankles, soles and calves separately. The reflex rollers stimulate the vital reflex points and relief’s pressure that builds ups in these areas which helps in positive flow of energy into our body. The cutting-edge technology makes the legs more beautiful and encourages women to be confident and pride. “uStiletto’s” has an expandable sock that fit into our legs according to our comfort.  It also has light and portable features that can pamper your legs anytime anywhere.

This beautiful massager has 3 amazing colours – Elegant, Kawaii and Home maker. The price of this massager is Rs. 39,000/- and available in exclusive showrooms of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Pune and Lucknow in India. It is also available on www.osim.com

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