New Delhi:  People against rapes in India (PARI) with family members of the rape victims on Monday organized a press conference at press club of India demanding speedy justice for rape victims. They demanded to expedite the investigation and trials to maximum 6 months and rapist should be hanged within a year so a strong message should into the society. They had also orchestrated a protest march from press club of India to vijay chowk in demand of Strong policies from government to prevent such heinous crimes.

Around 100 members participated in the press conference and protest march including Yogita Bhayana, social activist and founder, PARI, Bina Ramnani, Rape victim activist and well known fashion designer, Dr.Vikram singh, Social Activist & ex DIG Uttar Pradesh, Sunil kumar Singh, president Awarded, Activist & Advocate and family members of rape victims.

Referring to the general trend of blaming the family members for their negligence in missing out behavioral changes of the victim, a relative of the girl said the men raped her when she returned from school and went down to play inside the apartment complex. “When home campus itself is not safe for the children where else can safety be expected,” questioned the uncle.

He also said the victim was in much trauma and couldn’t talk about the incidents, observing that even for adult victims it would take time to speak out. The victim’s sister who also participated in the protest told Express that her sister was recovering and would join school after a few months.

Social activist & founder, People against rapes in India (PARI), Yogita Bhayana said “PARI is not an organization, and it’s a campaign by the people who are against the brutal act of rape. Every day 93 girls are raped and minimum 2 are killed after their rapes. In January 2019 many cases were reported in National Capital Delhi itself, where in girls were Raped and Murdered. This is a sad reality of our Country and it is a high time we must acknowledge it. The issue of Sexual violence should be the topmost priority of Government of India.”