Mumbai, February 11, 2021.

PhonePe, India’s leading digital payments platform, announced the launch of their new brand campaign ‘Har phone pe PhonePe hai’ celebrating their market leadership in India. The centerpiece of the campaign is multimedia, audio-visual, real-life animation video set to a catchy tune, packed with pop-culture cues as a salute to their 25 crore+ users in 2021. By employing a range of multimedia formats including video game graphics, quirky illustrations as well as stop motion treatments, the film is a unique visual treat that pays tribute to some of 2020’s favourite cultural moments, including ‘Rasode mein kaun tha?

With 1 in every 5 Indians now registered on the app, PhonePe’s adoption is proof of the scale and superior product experience we offer. This campaign is a delightful showcase of the myriad ways in which Indians have welcomed PhonePe into their lives and onto their phones.  The convenience of transferring money safely, paying bills, making contactless payments, buying gold,  investing in mutual funds or insurance, or even booking a gas cylinder, all on PhonePe from anywhere, is a reminder of how we are always moving forward in our lives.

For a moment, rewind to 2014, when you were always on the lookout for an ATM, had grown tired of producing ‘exact change’ after a ride, stood in long queues to pay your bills or even had to wait 24 hours to transfer rent to your new landlord. Fast forward to 2020, when you carry a wallet, but just out of habit. You can pay for a cab ride, recharge your phone, save tax with the right investments, pay electricity bills, send money to your family and buy insurance for your upcoming vacation, in a flash! All you need to do is tap the पे iconon your mobile screen.

The inspiration of the campaign is the life role that PhonePe plays for our users all over the country. This film gives voice to their little moments of forward motion that we recognise as progress. Bill payments that are as easy as playing your favorite game, quick and convenient QR payments and financial services that unlock the meaning of ‘aatmanirbhar’ are some of the features our users have come to rely on. We decided to break away from conventional storytelling formats to infuse this piece with the quirk we hope our audiences will enjoy” says Richa Sharma, Director, Brand Marketing, PhonePe.

The campaign was developed by Leo Burnett Mumbai.

Speaking about the campaign Rajdeepak Das, CEO & Chief Creative Officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett, said “The Har phone pe PhonePe’ film is layered with multiple messages and pays an ode to both the Indian spirit of resilience and celebrates the PhonePe users and the digital enhanced lives that we are living. It captures India’s journey over the years as we accept and adopt digital solutions as part of our everyday lives. It celebrates the progress and growth that the country has witnessed and PhonePe’s unparalleled contribution which has led to the same. The film uses very interesting visual execution to narrate its story.”