Jaipur, May 26, 2020.

When PUBG MOBILE rolled out with Season 13, it was not long before it became the talk of the town. While some of the sizable and anticipated updates drew maximum attention, one of the most important and game changing aspects of PUBGM Season 13 was the new Kills vs Death ratio that surfaced with Season 13.

The primary driver for this change was to introduce a stable balance to the game and take away inherent advantages from certain players.

Old K/D formula:

Previously, the Kill Death ratio in PUBGM was calculated based on the number of kills a player had to the number of deaths. Which led to many players boosting their Kill-Death ratio just by surviving till the end, with minimum kills.

Therefore, Kill-Death ratio = Total Kills / Total Deaths.

New K/D formula:

With the new Season 13 however, things have changed as a new K/D system has been implemented. Now, the new PUBG update has brought about a new feature where the Kill-Death ratio is calculated based on the number of kills in each game, irrespective of whether the player survived till the end or not.

For instance, if your K/D ratio is 8 and you win a match with 5 kills. In this case, your K/D ratio will decrease, as you got less kills compared to the existing K/D. To maintain a ratio of 8, you need to have 8 kills or above. So now, the formula is this:

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills) / (Total Matches Played)

Below are the 5 easiest tips to keep in mind to increase your PUBGM Kill-Death Ratio:

1.       Change your landing strategy: With the implementation of the new K/D ratio, it is advisable to go for popular hot-drop locations like Pochinki. These locations have an increased number of teams expected to land, inturn increasing the probability of kills you can secure. Rack up your kill count early on in the game and fill your inventory up with great loot that will help you later in the game

2.       Go for the attack instead of hiding out: This is an important tactic for players that used to hide out to land that chicken dinner instead of going for the kill. Players should plan attacks and pick fights more often in order to ensure a good K/D ratio and better gameplay experience, leading to a substantial increase in skills acquired. 

3.       Maximum gun power: Instead of focusing your energy on securing the best snipers, go for the assault rifles instead. These guns have a higher gun power and will help you get maximum kills. The best guns for a terrific K/D ratio would be M416, M762 and UMP45.

4.       As the game progresses, scoped up snipers are your new best friends: To get those long-range shots, your scope is as important as your sniper. To land a kill from a distance you require accuracy and a steady aim, which is possible only with a good sniper fitted with an even better scope.

5.       Head for the Head: From amateur players to our pro’s it is embedded in our heads that the best and fastest way to kill is a nice and accurate shot through the enemy’s head. Ensure this is done and the highest K/D ratio is yours!

These tips and a basic understanding of the new K/D ratio will help players dominate this new feature of Season 13. Remember the option is no longer to shoot or survive, now players need to shoot to survive!