Ghaziabad, May 27, 2020 – Ayush Wahane, a 21-year-old engineering student from Raipurin Chhattisgarh suffering from bone cancer in shinbone, has undergone successful limb-saving surgery at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Vaishali (Delhi-NCR), saving his leg from certain amputation and enabling him to walk again the very next day.

“We are glad to have managed to save the young patient’s leg when he has his whole life ahead of him. We removed the cancerous bone and inserted a tumor prosthetic in its place for reconstruction. Ayushcould start walking the very next day. The case highlights the fact that while elective procedures are being postponed due to COVID 19, the treatment of cancer cannot be delayed. In the same period that COVID-19 took 3,000 lives across the country, cancer killed 100 times more – a staggering 300,000 people. It is therefore important to deliver prompt treatment to cancer patients even in COVID times.”Said Dr. Vivek Verma, Head of Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer Unitat the Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali, who conducted the surgery.

Ayushwas diagnosed with bone cancer of the leg a few weeks ago. Initially, he was in disbelief because there was no history of such illnessin his family and he was leading an active student life.The patient wasinitially evaluated at a hospital in Raipur.

Diagnosticcheck-ups showed he was suffering from osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that produces immature bone, in the upper part of tibia (shinbonewhich connects the knee with the ankle). Ayush was started on chemotherapy, but he and his family were worried when told that he may have to undergo amputation of his leg to remove the cancerous bone.

On searching online, they came across the profile of Dr. Vivek Verma. They sent Auush’s medical reports to him who assured them that the youngster’s leg could be saved after removing the cancer by a procedure called Limb Saving Surgery.

However, taking Ayush to Delhi from Raipur was easier said than done. The entire country was in strict lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, and there was no public transport available to travel the long distance. With special permission from the District Magistrate of the area, he was allowed to travel in a private vehicle with one attendant to reach the Max Super Specialty hospital in Vaishali.

Dr Verma and his team managed to operate upon the patient and remove the cancerous bone along with all the affected muscles. He further underwent reconstruction with a tumor prosthesis. Ayush was made to walk normally from the next day of surgery. He has been started on chemotherapy post surgery so that the entire treatment is completed without any delay.

“I thank the doctors of Max Hospital from the bottom of my heart for saving my leg. I went into depression at the possibility of me losing my limb so early in life. I can now thankfully live a normal life and pursue my dreams. It is a great feeling to walk again like everyone else.”Said AyushWahane, the patient

Max Super Specialty hospital, Vaishali, is a COVID Green Hospital which adheres to strict guidelines to limit the spread ofinfection to others, including thermal screening at the entrance, COVID screening for all suspected cases, compulsory face mask, social distancing, no outside attendants allowed in the hospital, hand sanitisation facility at all points of contact, and special operation theatres with negative pressures.