Jaipur, 19 April, 2022.

It takes more than an occasional pat on the back to recognize the employees’ efforts. To acknowledge the same, Rapido, India’s leading bike-taxi and auto service recently conducted a Rewards & Recognition (R&R) event for its Auto captains in Jaipur at its office in the city. The event comprised 300 of its auto captains out of which 100 captains were given gifts with a combined monetary reward of Rs 5 lakhs based on the rides that have been completed by them. Additionally, the winners received mobile phones, air coolers, portable fans for their unwavering dedication towards good performance.

Rapido is committed to delivering best-in-class support to its drivers as an increasing competitive differentiator. In order to further support local operations, launched one of its kind  “Captain Welfare Fund” in order to cover the education cost of the captain’s children to financially support their families. This has been executed via disbursement of 4 cheques at the event to selective captains to provide additional financial aid to their children. For every ride the captain takes, Rapido will contribute some amount to the captain welfare fund which covers their personal needs.

Speaking about the event, AravindSanka, Co-founder, Rapido, said, “The event is a genuine approach to recognize commitment and quality among our driver-partners who are a vital part of our success story. Creating an environment where employees are empowered to maximize their potential, especially during uncertain times, is absolutely crucial. We’re proud to be launching an initiative that will not only boost our captains’ morale but will also improve the retention rates. As always, we will go out of the way to ensure their wellbeing and safety while supporting them at every step”

For Rapido, the safety of its customers and captains matters the most. The company has been constantly monitoring the situation, and actively taking relevant measures. Besides using its tech capabilities to innovate and reduce the effect of the pandemic, the company had introduced ‘Separator sheets’ for the safety of its riders and captains. To enable greater access to quality healthcare, Rapido also introduced medical insurance for its captains and their families. Moreover, the company has successfully operated during the strict lockdowns while adhering to all the guidelines, keeping everyone safe. Rapido also conducted free vaccination drives in different cities to ensure the safety of its captains.