The season of festivities and celebrations is upon us. All you need is a glamorous look that will knock people off their socks. Recode has launched a matte primer ‘Ace of Base’ that gives you the right amount of glamour and the perfect tint of luxury. Make this season of celebrations memorable for you and for all those who aspire to be dazzling this time of the year.

‘Ace of Base’ mattifying primer is designed to be light-weight and make your skin look smooth and silky. It has a soft consistency when applied on the face to highlight the natural beauty of your flawless skin. It will leave your skin with a velvety finish that gives your make-up the glamorous touch it deserves. It is formulated with silicon blend so that your skin looks fresh and impeccable.

Let Recode make your festivities exceptional with its make-up line that is created to celebrate your beauty.