• October 26, 2021

Holi is around the corner, and in India, no festival is complete without the sweet dish. Indulge yourself in baking and savour scrumptious Chickoo Ensemble this Holi especially curated by Yu Hotel

Chickoo Ensemble (11-por)  

Ingredients for Rabdi:

QTY                     UNIT                                  Description

2                           ltr                                        Milk

100.0                   GM                                    Castor sugar

10.0                     GM                                    Green Cardamom powder

A pinch              –                                          Saffron

Ingredients for ChickooSemifredo:

400.0                   GM                                    Chickoo

200.0                   GM                                    Milk Maid

200.0                   GM                                    Whip Cream

50.0                     GM                                    Castor sugar


  • First Remove the ripe Chickoo pulp and make puree of it
  • Add milkmaid, sugar and whip cream to it
  • Whip the above mixture in a bowl and freeze it 

Ingredients for Cashew Crumble:

100.0                   GM                                    Cashew

50.0                     GM                                    Sugar


  • Make cashew nut powder
  • Mix it with the sugar syrup made with above sugar
  • Bake in an oven until become brown

For Garnish: –

  1. Chopped pistachio
  2. Dried Rose petals

Method to assemble the above dessert: –

  • On a flat Plate put two spoon of Rabdi in the centreof the plate and spread it
  • place the Frozen semifreddo on it   
  • Garnish with some diced Chickoo, Chopped pistachio Cashew Crumble & Dried Rose petals                                


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