Mumbai,  May 2019:

As Odisha battles the worst climatic catastrophe of the year, ‘Fani’ that struck the eastern coast of Odisha last week and left a trail of destruction, a lot needs to be done to rebuild the affected areas of the State.  Many NGOs have come forward to lend support the worst affected areas of the state.

Rise Against Hunger India, an international hunger relief organization, within the first 48 hours of the disaster had reached to the remotest areas assessing the needs of the people.  Based on the field assessment, the organization is organizing packaged food to areas where relief support has not yet reached from other sources.  In consultation with the villagers and youth in the area, RAHI selected the three most affected villages Niajpur & Palanka panchayats of Brahmagiri and provided instant relief to about 500 families residing in these areas and needed immediate support.  RAHI aims to support these families with meals, family kits (containing essential items & hygiene supplies) and tarpaulins (for temporary roofing).

Over the next three months, Rise Against Hunger India is planning to provide 300,000 meals, 500 family kits, about 1000 hygiene kits, drinking water, tarpaulins and other relief supplies. Not just food, RAHI is also mobilizing other important and essential items like hygiene kits, toiletry, soaps, water containers, utensils, bed sheets, blankets, clothing, water purifier and similar products, which can be utilized by survivors in relief camps.

Mr. Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger India said, “We are deeply saddened by the catastrophe faced by Odisha. It goes to the credit of government agencies to organize mass evacuation of affected people well before time thus preventing loss of lives.  However, as we are getting into the interior pockets, we are seeing the extent of damage and devastation caused by Fani.  Thousands of families have lost their houses and assets; livelihoods are badly affected; many families are living in temporary houses – it will take massive efforts for affected people to rebuild their lives.  Rise Against Hunger India has committed to stand in solidarity with the affected families to not only provide immediate relief, but to support them through livelihood regeneration in the coming months”

Rise Against Hunger India has pledged to provide 3,00,000 packaged meals over the next three months to the people who are affected. We are doing our best to reach the remotest areas in Odisha to provide packaged food, hygiene supplies and temporary roofing to the disturbed citizens”

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