Sailor Limited Edition Wabi Sabi Fountain Pen at William Penn

Jaipur, July 19, 2022.

Sailor’s Limited Edition Wabi Sabi Fountain Pen is now available at William Penn. Wabi Sabi is a key philosophy of Japanese culture that is rooted in Zen Buddhism. It is the view or thought of finding beauty in imperfection, eschewing artificial beauty and the classic western definition of beauty, which often seems synonymous with perfection.

Sailor, the famous pen company, collaborated with Urushi artist, Wayo Shimamori, who developed a special technique called “Irogasane Sabinuri”to create these limited edition fountain pens. Irogasane means colour stack and Sabinuri is an Urushi technique using rust. First, an Urushi undercoat is applied. After the layer has dried, its surface is polished until smooth and the Sabi layer is applied. This is polished and another layer is applied to create the illusion of roughness. Several more layers of Urushi are applied and polished making it a beautiful illustration of the concept of Wabi Sabi.

The Limited Edition Wabi Sabi Fountain Pen is available in two colours, red and green, and only 88 pieces of each are available worldwide. It comes in Sailor’s largest fountain pen size ‘King of Pen’ which denotes the instrument as top of the range. The ebonite pen uses Sailor’s famous cartridge/converter system and is fitted with a 21k gold ‘King of Pen’ nib. The clipless fine writing instrument comes in a wooden box with a converter, two ink cartridges, a pen pouch and a polishing cloth.