• October 18, 2021

Sayani Gupta said “One of the most difficult things I find as an actor is to laugh on cue. It is way harder than crying or other emotion. It’s sometimes harder than yawning on cue.

But every time the girls got together for the bar scenes, which were ‘the girls are having fun and bonding’ scenes, after about 4 takes and tons of laughing out loud, it would be damn tough to keep it light and spontaneous. Anu would often tell us, “All of you are so good with drama and bring that same spontaneity in the lighter scenes.” We would just keep pondering like and coming up with new ways of amusing each other in every take. Maanvi helped us in multiple situations with her PJs! She can be hilarious! We were told, very often, to recreate our off-screen chemistry with all the banter, madness and laughters. But it’s totally different when you need to stick to the exact cues and lines and laugh as hard at the same joke in every single take. I am quite excited to see what we have finally achieved.”

The second season of the Amazon Original Series, Four More Shots Please!, will launch on 17 April, 2020 on Prime Video in India and around the world in more than 200 countries and territories.

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