• September 24, 2021

Mumbai, August 07, 2020.

When you feel you’re at an impasse in life, all it needs is the right drive and persistence to see it through the end.Exit, a brilliant Korean Action-Comedy film directed by Lee Sang-geun tells a story of how all things can momentarily change in the blink of an eye. Premiering on &PrivéHDthis Sunday, 8th August at 1PM and 9PMas part of its ongoing property Privé Premiere, watch out for the two splendid actors Jo Jong-suk and Im Yoon-ah in this brilliant action led film that will see them sprinting across rooftops and mounting towers in the hope of saving their city and the ones they love.

Yong-nam (Jo Jong-suk), a professional rock-climber in his college days now finds himself dejected and without work. Living with his mom and finding himself always at the receiving end of things, he doesn’t believe in himself nor what he is truly capable of. Against his better judgement, he ends up lying to his one true love, Eui-joo (Im Yoon-ah) only to realises that that life indeed has no compassion on him. Racing against time, a dangerous gas leak headed their way has left him with only minutes to figure an escape for everyone he loves.  Seeking a way out, he finally realises that the moment he has been waiting for is finally here and now.

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