Sonipat, 20 April, 2022.

School of Visual Arts (SOVA) organises Art Talk in the WUD Campus to help students get a fresh perspective from time to time by eminent personalities who are currently working professionals in the Contemporary Visual Art Scenario. On this occasion Vice Chancellor Prof Sanjay Gupta, whilewelcoming the guest, talked to students about upgrading themselves with the use of mobile phones as a tool to express their creative needs. He said the importance of a creative mind cannot be compared with any Artificial Intelligence and WUD is trying its best to build up our students in the aspects of its visual imaginations. Further, Dean, Prof. Rajan Shripad Fulari, talked about the importance of interaction with experienced personalities and their role in our teaching systems. The Art Talk was attended by various faculties and students in large numbers. The eminent resource person for Art Talk on Visual Storytelling was the well known, celebrity photographer Atul Hundoo from Lucknow University.

The talk started out with history of photography, walking us through from pinholes, camera obscura, and the first photograph ever taken with exposure time of eight hours, to the contemporary cameras which utilize Artificial Intelligence to detect the subject matter and automatically adjust saturation, exposure. Not to mention, the evolution in between, of film and early digital cameras.

After history and a basic understanding to make sure everyone is on the same page, Atul Handoo started talking about Visual storytelling. “No matter how much of the technical processes are automated, AI has failed to achieve what we humans can do, picking subjects and narrating a story”. With his Photographs as examples he gave insights of great value on Storytelling and composition which one could learn from regardless of any department or background. The last sections were a Q&A and a review session on the student’s works during which he gave his valuable feedback to learn from. The session was wrapped up after a short group photo. Getting to know that all the technology one  needs to take a masterful photograph is in the reach of pocket comforting, it takes dedicated practice to master that tool.