New Delhi, April 15th,, 2022.

Hospitals have been at the front-line of healthcare during the pandemic. However, the institutions themselves are grossly underinsured. This has been partly due to the complexity of buying such insurance, and partly due to lack of easy access to quality advise. To address this, SecureNow has now launched the ‘Property & Equipment Insurance for Clinics, Laboratories & Hospitals’. Medical establishments can now insure their critical assets, in less than 5 mins with no paper work involved.

Through this scheme, the establishment can insure its building, furniture & fixtures, and medicine stock against damages from fire, flood, and any malicious damage. Further, the scheme offers an option to insure high value critical equipment such as ECG, & MRI machines for all risks. This enables risk mitigation for unforeseen accidents such as short-circuiting, which is not covered under standard AMC (annual maintenance contract) for these machines. Further, small portable equipment such as laptop can also be covered under the same policy.

These features have been especially curated for hospitals and laboratories. Often the generic fire insurance products do not address the needs of the medical establishments. The standard policies require a valid AMC to allow electronic equipment coverage. However, in several cases AMC on hospital equipment may no longer be valid. This special product also comes with an option to waive the AMC requirements.

Approximately, it would cost Rupees 840 plus taxes annually to insure a building of Rupees 100,000 and electronic equipment of Rupees 100,000.  This cost-effective insurance feature also supports a completely digitized buying process. The proposal form can be filled online, and the policy will be shared online as well.

 “A doctor invests his lifetime savings in setting up an independent radiology laboratory, or a clinic. A freak accident can cause substantial damage to the assets, and set the practice back by several years. Doctors realize this and want to insure themselves. Till now, credible options that allow ease of buying were not available.  This facility is our way to empower the doctors and make their practice more resilient.said Abhishek Bondia, co-founder of SecureNow.