Self motivation and strategic planning can assist failed aspirants clear JEE in 2020

Jaipur, July, 2019.

With the recent declaration of JEE Advanced results, as many as 10 lakh aspirants have failed to cross the JEE hurdle. Provided with 2 attempts for a candidate, it is a high time for the aspirants who did not succeed in their first one.

Not getting through the JEE in the first attempt does not and should not keep you away from achieving your dream. Students lose confidence after their first failure attempt, but they need to accept and understand that good ranking in JEE is not absolutely the turning point to decide their intelligence, but instead should motivate them to perform better and bounce back.

“With a second chance available, it is advisable to join a reputed institute that assist you in your success through understanding your problems and channelize your potential efficiently. With the availability of the best study material, expert faculty, exposure to numerous JEE level test series (conducted at All India level), aspirants can judge their Rank Potential Index from time to time. A good institute always focuses on clearing the conceptual knowledge rather than mugging up the study material and assist your level of preparedness for the upcoming JEE 2020.” said

Most of the aspirants start the preparation with great enthusiasm and leave no stone unturned in the beginning, but devoid of a proper guidance, they tend to give up in the last minute, when they have a better chances of maximizing their chances. To overcome such de-motivation, aspirants must immediately write down the reasons for achieving the feat (Cracking IIT) which will consistently remind you of achieving the goal.

Even though there are many other options apart from IIT’s, keeping away the negative thoughts and start afresh by motivating yourself with the past failure, turning them into huge success.

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