Kanpur, July, 2019.

Underlining its vision to celebrateoneness and harmony across India, iconic paint manufacturer Shalimar Paints has launched its latest campaign, ‘Har Rang Khoobsurat’ (HRK). Scheduled to run in selecte cities, HRK is a one-of-a-kind brand initiative by Shalimar Paints toarticulate its message of inclusivity and equity to audiences across India through its latest marketing campaign comprising radio, outdoor, and digital.

Steering away from conventional marketing, Shalimar Paints is taking a bolder approach to changedivisive, opinionated and judgementalmindsets. Through this campaign, the paint maker attempts to question deep-seated prejudices that usually ignite from archaic beliefs, and have been a part of India for ages. Shalimar Paints aims toraise awareness about these topical issues and fuel a positive changeamong masses while promoting a colourful outlook towards life.

As part of the campaign, Shalimar Paints will also organize a photography contest to share the joy of diverse colors. All the participants will be required to explore deep into the shades of life and bring out the bestof them through their camera lens. The one who clicks the best picture expressing the various emotions of life will receive exciting prizes. The campaign will also include other interesting on-ground activities around topical issues like individual diversity, empowering the Trans community, promoting equality across the nation, among others.

Commenting on the latest campaign, Ms. Minal Srivastava, Vice President, Strategy, Growth& Marketing, Shalimar Paints Limited said, “For ages, most people in our country have either straightaway ignored listening to topical issues or considered them a taboo. With HRK, we are trying to address this challenge and bring about a change, however small the impact might be. We are striving to break through the wilful silence and encourage people to respect, and love every colour in terms of religion, caste, sexual preference, and profession by treating them equally. We are excited to launch such an innovative campaign and hope to add meaning to the lives around us.”

India is a nation of 1.25 crore people that come from different classes, races, families, and backgrounds. Through its latest campaign, Shalimar Paints aims to promote a common platform that not only represents this vast diversity but also allows people to celebrate it through a vibrant range of colours.