New Delhi, June , 2020.

As India limps back to normalcy, there is perhaps an innate desire in most of us to somehow sustain this dramatically improved air quality and the pristine environment that we have got so used to during the lockdown.

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2020, Mr Sohinder Gill Director General, Society of Electric Vehicles Manufacturers (SMEV) said, “The time has come to look for the solution within ourselves to make this world a better place. Going green means pursuing knowledge and practices that can lead to more environment friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources.”

“On the top of the list would probably be our daily commutes that would surely be the biggest contributor to this poisoning of our ecosystem. Can we do something about it? Can we stay closer to our workplaces or can we cycle to work? For the rest of us electric mobility does indeed offer a great cleaner alternate whether it is metro rails, electric buses, electric cars, e ricks or e-bikes,” added Mr Gill.

“The fundamental question that needs to be asked to oneself by every citizen is that do we really want to go back to the nightmarish severe pollution days and inflict more harm to our body and society that has been done by Covid-19 or is it time to capitalize on this opportunity and migrate to green electric vehicles. World Environment Day 2020 is a wonderful and timely opportunity for people to undertake the pledge to migrate to electric vehicles,” appealed Mr Gill.