Do you know how to play fantasy cricket league and win regularly? Are you sure and confident about your fantasy league team? Do you have a few rules when it comes to picking a cricket fantasy team? You might think that you do have rules, and they seem to be all good while picking up a team, but still why do you lose in the end? Why do other players that you do not pick always plays?

Well, if you think about these questions often, did you realise that you are making a few mistakes that are so small that you can’t see them? Yes, you have been picking the wrong fantasy team despite having a good knowledge of cricket. So here we bring to you a few fantasy tips that might be helpful:

  • Do not listen to your heart, listen to your mind

Yes, you have seen the results of your team picked by heart. You can see that they mostly fail to win for you. So, it’s time for a change in strategy. Stop thinking from your heart. Stop picking your favourite player. Start noticing other players too who may not be your favourite player. As a human being, our heart is biased towards affectionate people and thus, we end up picking our fav. People in the team. The problem comes when our fav person is not performing and this affects our winning. So be ready to pick players who are in red hot form. Think from your mind and make decisions.

  • Review match prediction from a reliable website

Would you want to pick players who are not playing in the final 11? Or would you miss players who are generally unknown but have a strong cricketing experience? Thus, it is pertinent to read match prediction from a good source to formalise your fantasy 11.

  • Know more about the pitch

Well, this can be a bit difficult as even experts and captains fail to understand the pitch some times. But going from history, and commentary before the start of the game, you can certainly judge the quality of pitch and ground. Sometimes due on the ground, sometimes grass or dampening on the pitch can affect the outcome of the game. Sometimes picking spinners is not a good idea on the ground with due. Thus, all these factors might be insightful while picking bowling unit and thus, can be a difference between a winner and a loser.

  • Impact all-rounders

All-rounders are the set of impact players in a cricket match. They can deliver with the ball and then deliver with the bat too. Do not miss powerful all-rounders in your team. However, keep in mind that some allrounders are not genuine all-rounders like they do only batting or bowling these days. So do not pick them if their batting or bowling is at par with genuine regular bowlers or batsmen.

  • Picking Captain and Vice-Captain

They are the most important players in your team. They fetch more points than any other players. So, pick the most probable performer as your captain and vice-captain. Do check out the recent performance of players, their performance against the competing team ad their performance on the playing ground. This information will help you pick the most deserving candidate as Captain and Vice-Captain.

If you play online cricket match regularly, chances are they you will be familiar with the trend and form of teams and players. You will have more knowledge about the match and you are likely to make a good decision. But still, it is never wrong to go through these tips before confirming your playing 11.

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