When a friend gets married, there are a few things that would leave you exhausted as you are busy finding the best outfit, and the right gift for your friend. Hunting the gift can be tiresome, physically and mentally. If you look for wedding gifts to portray your love and would stand out in the plethora of gift boxes that would lie around after the wedding, then here are ideas tailored for you.

1.    Caricatures:

Caricatures are lovely gifts that would bring a smile on the faces of your friend and his or her partner. The excitement and cheerfulness of the couple can be captured in the caricature. The caricatures can be given as dolls of 2 inches, or images on a clock. This does not cost a fortune but priced decently. You can be sure that your friend would love this more, as this is not a customary gift given during weddings, but a rather personalized treasure to cherish for forever.

2.    Customized jewelry:

Personalized gold or silver rings with personalized messages or the names or nicknames of the couple can do the charm. If you can spend a bit more, you can go for bracelets with the zodiac signs of the couple. Try this, only if you know it right. Engraving the names can take a day’s time in most of the jeweler’s shop. Ensure you get this in advance, as you cannot expect things to be done in the eleventh hour.

3.    Lego figurines:

The new age wedding gifts ideas aren’t complete without the lego figurines that resemble the couple. The figures would knock the memory lane with the wedding day celebrations even when the couple celebrates their anniversaries for decades. Of course, you would remain in the memory lane too forever, as a friend who has a good taste when it comes to the gifts.

4.    Engraved boxes:

What if you have a great way to remind the couples every time they open their precious jewelry? Exactly, it is the wooden jewelry box that comes next. Engraved boxes with special messages, designs, and or simply the couples’ names and the wedding date, the elegant box is often not what many couples are presented with. This can last long compared with the rest of the options. 

5.    Personalized candles:

Get personalized candles of multiple choices. You can either put the couple together in a candle or make it a collage of various photographs that mark their love in a candle. This is going to stay for long. In fact, a few candles let them add more photographs in the future.

6.    Perfumes and soaps:

Certainly, these are not going to stay for long. But certainly, they would linger in the memories of your friend and friend’s spouse. You need to put in some efforts and collect the favorite flavors of perfumes for the couple, and the same is the case with the soaps. These are unique wedding gifts and perfect when they tour during the newlywed days.

7.    Personalized cursive wedding vase:

A vase that can hold special messages for the couple never goes out of trend. Order in advance to ensure customization. They stand on the table reminding their love for years.   

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