Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we are sure you want to indulge your partner with something they will love!  You know they love all things tech and wouldn’t mind being gifted something unique, what’s more, it will help you two capture some fun memories together.  What is this gift? Snap’s Spectacles 3, the company’s latest AR glasses.

These smart glasses come with two cameras on board so you can u take 3D photos or videos hands-free and on the move, as well as applying Snap’s 3D lenses making the content you capture completely unique. As one of the most innovative wearable gadgets, we are sure that this will be an interesting accessory to have during your fun getaways, and if you want to relive them, they also come with a 3D viewer, so you can jump back into memories from your own perspective We have shared more information for you below. 

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