Summers in India are marked by rising temperature, dry weather and humidity.  Though we dread the climate we look forward to those delicious and cool beverages to quench our thirst and keep us cool. Gits Food’s Badam and Pista Falooda mix’ and ‘Rose Falooda mix’ are a perfect choice to satiate the taste buds while replenishing the lost nutrients.

With no added preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, the Falooda mixes are a perfect blend of vermicelli and sweet basil (sabja seeds) making it a  popular choice of beverage to beat the heat.  The bland basil seeds blend easily with beverages. Besides adding fiber,  they act as  natural coolants to the body. The mixes also have real dry fruits as Badam and Pista which help boost immunity.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and grab one of Gits’ delicious Falooda mixes to make your own refreshing and crunchy drink in just 3 easy steps. What more! You can add a scoop of your favourite vanilla icecream too!

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