Published On: Wed, Oct 16th, 2019


16th October 2019; Is your child STEM powered? STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Math) form the foundation of our society’s technological advances. Clear grasp of practical application of STEM fundamentals finds topmost priority on every national skilling agenda. Interestingly, in the age of technology it is next to impossible to keep children away from increasing screen-time and yet every parent is constantly trying to do balance digital and physical worlds for their children.

Smartivity, a STEM toys design startup founded by Tushar A Amin, Apoorv Gupta, Ashwini Kumar and Rajat Jain, have introduced a playful way to engage children with these critical subjects with their range of STEM construction toys. Each Smartivity STEM construction toy ensures screen-free, immersive engagement for 1-4 hours and inculcate children with the confidence to make things with their own hands. Smartivity products promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning and help children develop practical, hands-on understanding of STEM principles by constructing and playing with toys. The objective is to foster a scientific temper, and inculcate STEM skills. 

In order to promote STEM concept in India and to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds, Smartivity labs have come up with new range of construction toys this October. Their Diwali offerings include Smartivity Mechanical Hand which introduces children to the awe-inspiring anatomy of the hand and and Smartivity Microscope, which is based on principles of optics. 

“We take great pride in making STEM learning fun for children. Mechanical Hand and Microscope are really cool products that every child will want to own. We had a lot of fun designing these, and we are confident that kids would love them too. I cannot think of a better way to enjoy Diwali vacation than building your own microscope or a mechanical hand that works like a real hand – opposable thumb, et al. Parents are looking for smart, constructive and screen-free engagement for children. We are providing just what parents would want their children to play with” says Rajat Gupta, Co-founder Smartivity Labs

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