Students of Orchids The International School, Nevta, organizes ‘Futurists’ – A Robotics & DIY Exhibition


Jaipur, April 12, 2023.

Students of Orchids The International School, Nevta, presented their innovative robotic and DIY ideas during the ‘’Futurists – a Robotics & DIY Exhibition organized at the school premises today. Students from 1st to 10th grade designed their own robotics and DIY models and explained how they are unique to the guests, faculty and other students in the school.

The robotics part of the exhibition included a flying pencil, an automatic dustbin using Arduino Uno, an automatic irrigation machine, an automatic toll gate, a security system with a keypad and more robotics.  The students made a mobile stand, peddle boat, toolbox, candy stick, coaster, vase and many more creative objects as part of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) aspect of the exhibition.

The Robotics curriculum at Orchids The International School has been meticulously designed to allow young geniuses to explore the world of technology and robotics extensively. The prime focus is to keep the students updated with the most recent technological advancements rather than traditional and outdated teaching methods. The best part about Robotics in Orchids is that it helps students to create their own prototypes and exhibit them on public platforms.

DIY is an abbreviation for Do It Yourself, which is the method of repairing, building, or modifying something without the direct assistance of experts. Orchids The International School’s DIY curriculum teaches students how to design, create, or modify a specific object or product. It exercises the brain and promotes lateral and logical thinking. It also encourages children’s creativity by allowing them to use their imaginations and artistic skills.

Addressing the program & highlighting the USPs of Orchids’ curriculum, Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor, Principal of the Orchids The International School, Nevta, Jaipur, said, “I am delighted to see the innovative ideas of my students. Putting together an exhibition of this nature helps kids strengthen their scientific and creative thinking. This makes comprehending concepts from books simpler and allows students to discover their hidden talents.”