Students of WUD documents the lifestyle of Rabari Tribe from the North West of India

Jaipur, February 22, 2022.

Time and again World University of Design has proven itself to be an university that believes in providing best opportunities to its students and in widening their horizon a tad more with every step. A university, young in terms of number of years, presents a role model in making design education experiential and inclusive. The number of options it provides its students to learn from and stay rooted to India’s culture and heritage is better than their more seasoned counterparts!

Last week World University of Design (WUD) presented a document prepared by the students of the School of Architecture based upon the unique lifestyle and culture of the Rabari tribe – a native tribe of north western belt that spans over Rajasthan and Gujarat. The study focuses on their nomadic and pastoral way of life, where financial dependencies are primarily on their cattle. How the tribe has over the years evolved and moved on from harboring camels to sheep and cows, how they hold their traditions, ancestral heritage, history and mythology as supreme possessions, their lives as close-knit community, values, dynamics and infrastructure are all thoroughly studied and researched by these young minds who have zealously dugged deep into their roots.

Under the guidance of their professors, the students underwent a village attachment programme and have been able to present some very exceptional insights about the Rabari Culture. Encouraging his students all along, pleased with their passion for their discipline, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor – WUD) says, “At the university we ensure that no stone remains unturned and the students are never denied avenues and prospects that can make their learning more experiential and promote growth. I am overjoyed to share that while our endeavor is to provide such opportunities to the students, we are able to execute it because of their inquisitiveness and zeal for learning. It is a thrilling experience to watch young students participate and give their 100% with a goal to emerge as more knowledgeable and evolved.

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