New Delhi, India

Sun Life Financial’ s Asia Service Centre (ASC) has opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Gurgaon to support the company’s continued global growth and career opportunities for employees.

Sun Life’s Asia Service Centre has been growing over the last couple of years with 2700 people across the two centers in India and the Philippines. The Centre has evolved in scope to support innovation and process improvements to meet the global needs of Sun Life’s clients.

Shiney Prasad, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Services and Digital Business Initiatives, Sun Life Financial Asia shared that, “Our centers in Asia and the Philippines provide great value in advancing our company’s innovation agenda and process improvements to help our clients around the world.” 

Prasad continued, “We’re proud of our progress in building new capabilities to support more complex product development teams and technology innovations – including Sun Life’s focus on embracing digital, data and analytics to support our clients in new ways. It’s so rewarding to see how we collaborate locally and globally to help us to deliver on our Company’s purpose of helping our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.”

Sun Life’s commitment to innovation is also reflected in physical environment of the new facility in Gurgaon. Workplace ergonomics, digitized tools and amenities create a millennial-friendly facility where collaboration, brainstorming, and health and wellness thrive.

The facility features bright work collaboration spaces, open huddle spaces, agile meeting rooms, Innovation labs, work cafes, digitized services such as Follow Me Print and WIFI. To support employee health and wellness, there are also indoor green spaces, foot massagers, acupressure mats, Gym balls, shoulder wheels, workout spaces and other features connected to Sun Life helping employees to live healthier lives.

Shiney Prasad is excited about the career and growth opportunities for employees at the Asia Service Centre in Gurgaon. “Our knowledge services portfolio is expected to continue to grow significantly in the coming years. We have plans to deliver consulting services while we work with Fintech and InsurTech companies in India. There is a huge demand and focus on digital services and data analytics work at our centers – and great opportunities on the horizon.”

Shiney Prasad continued, “We know that we are hitting the sweet spot for future innovations for clients, knowledge services and tech-enabled discoveries. We have the right mix to support the long term strategic growth plans of the Sun Life Financial and at the same time to continue to attract and retain top talent on our teams.”