New Delhi, January 13, 2021.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL), supplying electricity to a populace of 7 million in North and North-West Delhi, has launched its official brand mascot ‘Roshni’ to convey information on various topics to the consumers via company’s digital platforms (website and social media channels). The name ‘Roshni’ means ‘light’, which implies the light of wisdom, reliability and happiness. She will empower the consumers by engaging with them.

Roshni is intelligent, spontaneous, and charismatic. With a distinctive style and appeal, she will grab the attention of the audience and will easily connect with people of all age groups. She is a quick-witted woman who will be communicating messages pertaining to an array of issues from energy conservation, e-bill payments, ethics of the company, consumer centric initiatives and safety tips. Tata Power-DDL through this mascot wants to empower their character ‘Roshni’ and pass her the baton of company’s communication.

Additionally, she will also be driving the ‘Samajhdari Ki Choice’ campaign which was recently launched by the company on the occasion of ‘National Consumer Day’ to encourage its consumers to opt for e-bills by saying no to paper bills.

‘Samajhdari Ki Choice’ is an umbrella campaign under which Tata Power-DDL aims to educate its consumers about sustainable practices, energy conservation methods, benefits of smart meters, energy efficient lighting, roof top solar installations, digital service options etc.

Acting on the company’s vision of providing smart services and focusing towards better communication, the company aims at using a mascot that would help the consumers to relate with her on a personal level.

The need for Roshni arises in line with company’s objective of building long lasting, loyal relationships with consumers. She is a first of her kind in Indian Power Distribution space and will help in establishing a deeper understanding about the needs and wants of company’s consumers, rising above the preconceived role of a mere service provider.

The brand mascot has been trademarked by the company. The company would utilise ‘Roshni’ to foster a visual connect with the consumers in their social media communication and make them aware of future communication in a language that would also motivate them to participate in it. The brand mascot would bring alive the brand’s positioning and reinforce the motto – ‘With you Non-Stop’ with Roshni now interacting with the consumers on a real-time basis.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Siddharth Singh, Head- Corporate Affairs, Communication, Administration and Security, Tata Power-DDL said, “Roshni is a symbol of Shakti, and spreads the ‘light of wisdom’. This initiative is another step towards establishing a two-way communication with our consumers in a warm-hearted way using digital mediums. We hope that through Roshni, our consumers would be able to build a deeper connection with us and feel empowered. We want to cater to their issues in every possible way and make them aware about our initiatives.”

Tata Power Delhi Distribution is a Public Private Partnership, joint venture Company, between Tata Power and Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi which distributes electricity to a populace of over 7 million in North Delhi.