• October 23, 2021

Mumbai, June 19, 2020.

Weekends are weekends, whether you are working from home or office! So, to add the Yay to your Fridays and a little extra spice to your weekends, McDonald’s India West and South is offering some unmissable deals on your favourites from their menu, exclusively on Swiggy. These deals will not only satisfy your weekend cravings but also help you save up some bucks. After all, no weekend is complete without your favourite comfort food!

To add some McDonald’s magic to your weekends, the QSR brand has curated two offers with Swiggy; ‘McSpicy Fried Chicken Weekends’ exclusively for customers in the South market and ‘McDonald’s Friyay!’ for customers in both West and South markets.

The ‘McSpicy Fried Chicken Weekend’ offer gives you a Flaming Feast Box of 8 McSpicy Fried Chicken pieces at Rs. 599. WithMcDonald’s Friyay’you can get a combo of your favourite McDonald’s burgers and fries while saving up to Rs.50 on each. When the week makes you put in double the efforts, double the food on weekends has got to be the perfect fix!

To offer 100% safe and 100% delicious food to customers, Westlife Development, the company that owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India has also stepped up its world-class safety and hygiene practices at all restaurants across dine-in, delivery and takeout. McDonald’s India and Swiggy are adhering to all social distancing measures and making sure food is prepared and delivered in a completely safe and contactless manner.

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