• September 27, 2021

New Delhi, January 02, 2020.

A new year is a perfect mix of celebration and hope as we look forward to happy times with family and friends. The last day of any year is exciting yet overwhelming. While we start planning activities we can enjoy in the next year, we also remember joyful events of the year that just went by. Self-care is saved for the second week of January though, isn’t it?

The celebration of a new year comes first. Most celebrations call for a tasty treat after a heavy meal. Flavorful swirls, rolled ice-cream, gelato or the classic kulfi and scoop is paired with fresh fruits, colorful sprinkles of choice or an infusion of Indian sweets. The experience of customizing it your way, either for a child or an adult is always exciting. Ice-cream is a light dessert essential for all fun gatherings. This cold scoop is a versatile dessert, it fits comfortably into a lazy day at home but is also glamorous enough for a party.

While the last year was challenging for us, we are back with a fresh outlook to make every day of this year as sweet as our dessert. With our safety nets intact, the team at IICMA is slowly shifting back to a year of innovation with strict hygiene standards.

Speaking of the road ahead, Mr Sudhir Shah, President of the IICMA said, “Ensuring the safety of our customers is always our highest priority, especially now. And we are guiding and advising all our members to take the best safety and hygiene measures at all the levels of production and distribution.”

Ice-cream is now available with new flavours like Rasmalai, Gulaab Jamun, Rabdi, and many more! Packed after new developments in the infrastructure of the cold chain industry, it is supported by the latest technology and high-capacity machines which progress only after strict hygienic procedures and machinery guidelines are finished. New variants of hygienically-made ice-cream packs are available and sealed in tamper-proof packages. To further ensure safety, outer surfaces of any pack can easily be sanitized with a disposable tissue without affecting the delicious treat inside!

Ice-cream lovers can continue to indulge in their favourite dessert with the twist of new flavours and colourful packs with 2021 approaching. The simple dessert packs many sweet memories and surely, there are many more to experience in the coming years. We have paved a new road, ready to begin an exciting journey ahead and encourage you to do the same.

The new year is an opportunity to satiate sweet-tooth cravings so, like us, we hope you have a flavourful tub of happiness by your side while you countdown for the new year to start. Happy new year! Stay safe, stay cool.

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