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Jaipur 13th November, 2019: The Indian Diaspora is one laced with diversity. With the socio-economic divergence quite evident and impactful, legislative measures as well as administrative measures are required to be rolled by the government to make sure that the weakest and the most underprivileged sections of society get their full due. These include but are not limited to rolling out of laws to strengthen the positioning of physically, economically and socially lagging sections of the society but also ensuring that the same are enforced in such a manner to deliver the desired results. Governance has and shall always play a key role in achieving the intended impact.  In light of this and the agenda of the Government of India of Empowering New India, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is organising its 47th National Convention of Company Secretaries from 14th – 16th November, 2019 at Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

_A curtain raiser press conference was organised at Jaipur today to announce the 47th National Convention of Company Secretaries.

CS Ranjeet Pandey, President, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), while addressing the media said, “The Institute of Company Secretaries of India has always considered its moral, ethical and professional responsibility to partner in the various initiatives of the government of India while holding strong to its core agenda of promoting good governance, by itself and through its members. The expectations conveyed by dignitaries of the likes of the Hon’ble President and Prime Minister of India, Ministries and Regulatory Authorities represent an image of responsibility which is required to be dispensed off with the highest levels of integrity. Apart from this, the recognition of the Institute and its professionals is being well recognized beyond the national territories as well. The accolades received for the activities undertaken are a portrayal of the relentless working of the Institute and the Company Secretaries towards promoting good corporate governance”.

The theme of the annual congregation this year is “Empowering New India – Reform, Perform, Transform”, and will cover the following sub themes:

Company Secretaries 2022 vis-a-vis Global Governance Standards: Need for Up skilling and Transformation

There cannot be more exciting and purposeful times for the Company Secretary professionals as our country `India’ is aspiring to be a 5 trillion (USD) economy by 2022-25 and subsequently, 10 trillion (USD) by 2030. This transformation presents a great opportunity and challenge in front of our Institution to be at front and center of India’s economic evolution by producing and grooming CS professionals who not only can take India to those heights; but also be the International thought leaders who would create and set the benchmarks in Corporate Governance and ethics which will be idolized and emulated by rest of the world in times to come

Start-Ups: Modern Catalysts of Growth and Employment

India is a country where talent is not scarce. The right mix of talent and capital is what makes business conglomerates. A lot has happened on the Start-Up landscape during the last decade. The Government has been making rapid strides in liberalisation of laws, scrapping of redundant provisions and the alike. India has jumped by 14 ranks and is now at rank 63 in the Ease of Doing Business. Mentorship crisis is a major problem for start-ups. Company Secretaries act as business incubators and accelerators.

Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence – Boon or Bane

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. The compliance function will be taken over by computers leaving the Company Secretaries free for more human jobs that require specialized skill and application of mind.

Next Gen CS – Let’s make unconventional the convention

New age laws such as Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Prevention of Money Laundering, Arbitration and the like present Opportunities, Challenges and Responsibilities of Company Secretaries. And company secretary professionals are well equipped to shoulder the onerous responsibilities cast upon them by the regulators.

NCLT: Harmonizing Diverse Practices and Expectations from Professionals

Just like an advocate is an officer of the Court, similarly, the Company Secretaries are duty bound to facilitate the courts and quasi judicial bodies such as NCLT to meet the ends of justice. Company Secretaries being experts in the field of company law assist the courts in interpretation of the law.

Eminent national and international personalities and experts from diverse fields, viz. Government, Regulators, Academia, Corporate Sector will address the Convention in various technical sessions.

CS Ashish Garg, Vice-President, ICSI, CS Manish Gupta (Council Member, ICSI and Chairman, 47th National Convention Organising Sub-Committee) and CS NPS Chawla (Council Member, ICSI and Co-Chairman, 47th National Convention Organising Sub-Committee), CS Ashok Kumar Dixit (Officiating Secretary, ICSI) CS Rahul Sharma (Chairman, Jaipur Chapter & Programme Facilitator) were also present on the occasion . e

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