Mumbai, 29 October, 2020.

This Sunday, find out for yourself whythe anticipation for 2020’s biggest super hero movie of the year was worth the wait. While you may have missed catching it in the theatres, &flix brings the biggest movie fiesta to town starring the toughest and the occasional bad boy of Hollywood, the #InVINcible Vin Diesel. As Promised, he returns with an upgrade to bring carnage that is sure to blow your minds.  Brace yourself for an intense weekend with never before seen superhero combat action that quickly escalates between expectations and keeps you guessing till the very end in the Flix First Premiere of Bloodshot available in 4 different languages airing 1st November at 1PM & 9PM on &Flix.

With an excellent screenplay by Jeff Wadlow (Fantasy Island), the movie follows Vin diesel, playing famed comical superhero Bloodshot, a superhuman enabled bionic soldier on a blood thirst quest to exact revenge. With a terrific cast,the likes of Primetime Emmy Award winner Guy Pearce, Toby Bell (Black Mirror), Lamorne Morris (New Girl), Sam Heughan and Eliza González, their brilliant depiction of the characters brings the fiction in the comic alive.

Based on the bestselling comic book, Ray Garrison, a soldier is killed in action and brought back to life by a team of scientists as the superhero ‘Bloodshot’. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force, stronger than ever with a special superpower – the ability to resurrect and heal instantly.  But in controlling his body, the organization has sway over his mind and memories, too.  Starring in the flagship superhero comics of the 90’s, Guy Pearce plays Dr. Emil Harting, a scientist with an ulterior motive that serves his own greed. Sam Heughan plays the henchman, Jimmy Dalton, a genetically enhanced super soldier capable of super speed while Eliza González as KT plays the love interest. This festive season, the dhamaka gets even bigger and louder with a simulcast premiere happening across 12 different channels.

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