Jaipur, June 03, 2020.

Today, we are faced with a new normal in which personal safety is of utmost importance to everyone. As people start stepping out of their houses, the demand for face masks and protective gear is at an all-time high. While N95 and surgical masks are most popular, cloth masks have proven to be equally effective. These masks are soft, comfortable and flexible while providing ample coverage to the nose and mouth. They offer features such as triple-layer filtration, leakage control (to prevent an unfiltered airflow), ultra-cool technology and protection from pollution, pollen, smoke and dust. Moreover, these masks are washable and can be re-used. While specialized masks (N95/surgical) have seen a surge in demand, the Indian government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also issued an advisory on usage of cloth masks or homemade mask as an approved option to contain the spread.

Amazon Fashion’s all-new dedicated mask store offers over 500 cloth masks from over 35 sellers across the country. This includes cloth masks from leading brands like Louis Phillippe, Max and W for Women, but also from local sellers and niche players like Wear Your Opinion, Bon Organik, Rapsodia among others. This will allow shoppers to stay in touch with their personal style while being adequately protected.

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