Kentucky also termed as the Bluegrass State! It is home to never-ending pastures, bustling cities, wedding venues, sparkling waterfalls, amusement parks, and breweries. That aside, there’s the longest cave system along with the much talked about Kentucky Fried Chicken that attracts travelers here.

If you are planning to visit Kentucky for a vacation, you can count on the best concerts, bluegrass music, fairs as well as complete relaxation that will renew your being. You can also explore many rivers and lakes here. It is always essential to make a list of the places that you would want to visit here. And while the list might seem endless, you should make it a point to consider the following three best tourist sites in your Kentucky exploration list.

Fort Knox

One of the most popular tourist destinations, the Fort Knox is an army post in the United States that spans across 109,000 acres. The post is well-known for several things, such as the Army Human Resources Command, United States Bullion Depository, Accessions Command, and the Cadet Command. This museum is replete with several educational and historical exhibitions that will take you on an exciting journey to explore several branches of the military scene in the United States. Few of the most prominent sites to explore here comprise of the Remembrance Walls, along with a collection of weapons that got designed by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Kentucky Derby Museum

Do you have an affinity for horses? If yes, then visiting this museum is essential. Since 1985, this famous museum has been showcasing the fascinating Kentucky Derby history to people. For the ones who aren’t well versed with this best tourist attraction, the Kentucky Derby has everything to do with the thoroughbred horses and horse races. To know more, you can browse through and learn about interesting details. This museum welcomes each visitor on an enthralling journey by providing interesting nuances about the Derby history along with other films, photographs, exhibits and many more. The visitors have the chance to see the way the race tracks are maintained and get to know interesting details about horses as well.

  • The Louisville Mega Cavern

Travelers across all age groups will love to explore an artificial cavern that expands up to 17 miles. Louisville Mega Cavern us known for bringing alive history and science by providing an exciting underground adventure, which is going to be the highlight of your Kentucky trip. Visitors can choose from the multiple ways of exploring the cavern. There are the zip tours that are involved here which probably are the best of the zip line course in the world. There is also a chance to explore the underground paths with a tram that takes place on an SUV pulled tram. Both the zip lines and the tram provide an extensive view of the cavern that is a spectacle to remember for any tourist. The charges for both vary as well.

There are several other destinations that you can explore in Kentucky as well! However, as you make your must-visit list, ensure that you don’t miss out on these three top destinations.