The youth of India are known for being aspirational and motivated when it comes to their passion. Their native place or the opportunities they receive early in life do not matter if their heart is in the game. And building a fruitful career in sports is one dream that almost every enthusiast nurtures. But every dream requires a fair share of outside help and in the sporting arena, the most important requirement is that of proper equipment and apparel.

So, you know you should be investing in good quality and efficient gear to enhance your sporting career. But you are very confused about where to find all the items you need for a well-balanced kit. And, the confusion only increases with all the brands out there.

Here is a well-collated list of the top three brands availableacross all Indian cities that are popular with the youth and sports enthusiasts and also available at affordable prices.

  • NIKE:Popular for its high-quality sportswear that encompasses a wide range of products varying from athletic shoes, apparels and sports equipment, this brand is well-loved internationally. Among the top choices of athletes,Nike is also a hit among hip hop and dance lovers because of its light-as-feather sneakers.
  • SEVEN by MS DHONI: A fitness and active lifestyle brand which nurtures the free spirit of today’s youth, SEVEN incorporates the personal choices and styles of cricketing legend Dhoni. Spread across various fitness categories, the brand’s collection includes a wide range of running and training footwear, apparel and accessories for both men and women. Made with technologically enhanced fabric that improves breath ability and keeps you ultra-fresh while also being odour-resistant, SEVEN epitomes style with comfort.
  • PUMA: A German multinational company known for its smart and innovative designs, Puma manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories and is a one-stop shop for all your sports requirements. Whether your preferred sport be Basketball, Football, Running, Training and Fitness or Golf, this brand will provide you with a well-rounded kit without burning a hole in your pocket.

So now you know where to find all the equipment and sportswear necessary to make your dream career a reality. Let this be the push that makes you pursue your dreams wholeheartedly.