This election, News 18 Rajasthan is giving you a chance to come on the channel – you can also win a smartphone.

Jaipur, November 2023. 

Voting for Rajasthan Assembly elections is on 25th November, all political parties are campaigning heavily for it. News 18 Rajasthan is providing a unique platform to the voters called “Kehta Hai Voter” through which voters can express their opinion on the burning issues of their constituency.

The selected participants will get a chance to win a smart phone along with appearing on News 18 Rajasthan. To participate in this contest, people can register and record their video message by giving a missed call on toll free number 9873545218 or by scanning the QR code.

The winner’s opinion will be broadcast on the channel and will also stand a chance to win a smartphone. As the country’s No. 1 news network, Network 18 believes that the public is an integral part of elections, hence it is important to give importance to their voice, their problems and their expectations.