With the day of love around the corner, it is time to wear your heart on your sleeve and sweep your partner off their feet! It is the day when lovers present each other with tokens of their affection and celebrate their commitment to one another. While chocolates and roses are the conventional choice, why not go the extra mile and set the ambiance right for your perfect date with Philips Hue!

Philips Hue, the world’s smartest connected lighting system, can help create the right mood for a romantic candlelight dinner to let you score major brownie points with your partner. This personal wireless lighting system enablesyou to create the ideal light settings at home using just your smartphone or tablet.

You can choose the perfect color for your room’s lighting from amongst 16 million colors offered by Philips Hue.Whether you want to read, relax,watch TV or concentrate while working, Philips Hue’s four preset light settings – read, relax, energize and concentrate are harmonized to your daily routines.

Philips Hue can also turn everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. The system synchronizes seamlessly with music, movies and games, and transforms your room into an entertainment arena, bringing spatial awareness and immersiveness to a completely new level.

Imagine the convenience of turning off all your lights with one tap. Discover the magic of using color to transform the atmosphere of your living room into a home cinema. Or select the optimal light to help you concentrate better or relax after a long day. In addition, when you are away, you can program lights to make it seem like you are actually home. From waking up with light, to tucking you in at night, Philips Hue lights your home smarter.

So go ahead and melt the hearts of your loved ones with the perfect light this Valentine’s Day with Philips Hue!

Philips Hue starter kit is priced at INR 11,700 and is available at Amazon.in.

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