The best way to support your child during the stress of revision and exams is to make home life as calm and pleasant as possible. Don’t let your stress become their stress. It helps if other members of the household are aware that your child may be under pressure and that allowances should be made for this.

Kavita Yadav, Parenting Coach and Counseling Expert says If your child is given study leave in the run-up to exams, try to be at home as much as possible so that you can share a break and a chat together.

Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge and try to provide good, nutritious food at regular intervals.

Encourage your child to join family meals, even if it’s a busy revision day – it’s important to have a change of scene and get away from the books and computer for a while.Also encourage your child to take regular exercise. A brisk walk around the block can help clear the mind before the next revision session.

Try not to make too many demands on your child during exam time. Arguments are counter-productive and will only add unnecessary stress and distract from revision.

Parent should give a moral support to their children by saying that they should find pleasure in exam by contemplating it as fun activities.

The human body requires an average of 8 hours of sleep per day. So take adequate sleep before the exam. A well-rested body and mind will be able to respond quickly than under pressure.

Don’t cram or mug up the night before the examination that will only put your brain under pressure.And make sure he or she eats a good breakfast on the morning of the exam.

Student should get their things ready for the morning i.e. stuff like – pen, paper, pencil, admit cards, identity card, geometry box on the night before the examination itself. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of water for the nervous mouth that you can get before the exam.

Start with questions that you feel the most confident about, as you may be able to answer them faster than you plan for. This will give you extra time for other questions and to revise your answers.

Throughout the run up to the exams and after it is important to reassure your child that no matter what results they receive, that there are various options, choices and moreover you are and always will be with them and love them.

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