Tips Music has launched new song “Meru to Dage” Singer – Jigardan Gadhavi 

New Delhi, May 10, 2022.

Tips music is introducing audience a new Gujarati song today titled “Meru to Dage” sung by non another versatile singer Jigardan Gadhavi. Meru to Dage is a fresh genre of classical with a modern touch. Soothing voice of Jigardan Gadhavi is making this song very special.  

On occasion of the release of this song, Kumar Taurani says, “Meru to Dage is a refreshing song. And Jigardan Gadhavi’s voice add more love and emotion to that. I am sure people will love this song.” 

Jigardan Gadhavi says, “Meru to Dage is so close to my heart. I personally believe that if this bhajan of the land of Saurashtra is assimilated, life will be much easier. This is an attempt to put this primordial bhajan in a new form in which we are talking about our melody and eternal religion.” 

“This bhajan of Gangasati addresses her daughter in law Panbai who is her disciple on the path of spirituality. There is a mountain called Meru which is said to be years old but still strong. Even if it stumbles, O Panbai, even if this universe breaks but the mind should not be trembled.” 

The specialty of Tips Music is selecting the right kind of music and making it astonishing and making the onlookers fall in love with the lyrics. also, a great piece of work. They have been the innovators as they have always stayed a cut above of the industry. 

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